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Sail Victoria and Islands

Looking for that unique sailing experience? Cruise the waters of Oak Bay and surrounding Gulf Islands adjacent Victoria with us on our trimaran! This area is world renowned for its unspoiled nature, natural surroundings, and backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Sailors are especially attracted by the profusion of marine life, interesting and uncrowded places to sail, anchor and to explore. Having sailed and kayaked these waters for over 20 years, I can guarantee you a sailing experience you will long cherish!  

Blackfish, our featured vessel, is a fast and sleek F27 Trimaran , which if pushed might well give you an adrenaline rush if not wet pants. Her big advantage over other conventional sail boats is her low angle of lean and shallow draft. This not only makes for a more comforable and safe ride, but allows us to explore coastlines and shallows where other boats dare not venture, and where much of the wildlife is to be found.

Whale Watching, Kayaks and Camping: We also offer you the opportunity to engage with wildlife, including whales - using only our sails; a practice that we believe to be more respectful and sustainable to these endangered creatures. We can bring kayaks and camping equipment along on our day and overnight trips.

You will have the oppportunity to sail this vessel. Or if you prefer, you can just laze back and enjoy. You should be fit and trim, sure-footed and not be afraid of catching some spray when the boat speeds up and the amas (outriggers) lift. This sail is for the nimble, the adventurous and the young of heart.

NEW FOR 2015:

1) "Stand-By" sail prices for both our vessels

2) Alaska Adventure Opportunity.


Al Lubkowski, Owner/Operator,

Blackfish Trimaran Adventures

This is our day crusing area of Oak bay and surrounding straits